Episode 7: Misinformation is a Side Hustle

Misinformation has real world consequences. We saw that on January 6, 2021. But what if I told you that there is a whole industry of laborers paid to create misinformation as a side hustle. What if I told you that misinformation is created halfway across the world in order to get people to take one […]

Episode 6: Green Urbanism is From the Devil

Is the government trying to trap you in your apartment? Are efforts to reduce traffic in highly congested cities like Toronto and London really a plan to control your entire life?  15 minute cities sound convenient, but why do some people think they are a trap?  15 minute cities have been described online as the […]

Episode 5: Fighting the Great Reset

It’s Angels vs. Demons. Light vs. Dark, The New World Order vs. Real Patriots. The ancient gdds have returned to take over the globe. Who will stop them?  Spiritual warfare is common in evangelical circles. But how does belief in a cosmic battle lead to conspiracy theories on earth? Why do some in evangelical circles […]

Episode 4: Yoga And the Wellness to Conspirituality Pipeline

What can’t yoga cure? Low back pain? Check. Hip soreness? Check. IBS? No problem. Infertility? Probably.  In this episode, we focus on wellness through one of its most well-known practices: yoga. Philip Deslippe from UCSB and journalist Stacie Stukin, a former Yoga Journal editor, talk about the expansive health claims surrounding yoga. We learn how […]

Episode 3: Wearable Wellness, Biohacking, and the Quest for Immortality

Wellness is a $4.2 trillion industry, but what even is wellness? And can living well enable us – or at least a few billionaires – to live forever? In this episode, we investigate the information and misinformation surrounding wearable, biohacking, and consciousness hacking. The episode focuses in detail on Silicon Valley tech magnate Bryan Johnson, […]

Episode 2: The Religious Roots of Vaccine Denial

Why did around 25% of Americans refuse to take the covid-19 vaccine? The pandemic raised the issue of vaccination to a new height in public awareness. In this episode, we look at the religious roots of vaccine resistance in the US with Kira Ganga Kieffer from Boston University. Beginning with the documentary Died, Suddenly, we […]

Episode 1: What is Misinformation?

Misinformation is big news, but what does it mean and why does it matter? If misinformation is simply incorrect information, can it be solved simply by telling people the right answer?  In this episode, we learn how misinformation can prevent people from voting if they think they aren’t eligible or can’t vote by mail; how […]

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