Episode 3: Wearable Wellness, Biohacking, and the Quest for Immortality

Wellness is a $4.2 trillion industry, but what even is wellness? And can living well enable us – or at least a few billionaires – to live forever? In this episode, we investigate the information and misinformation surrounding wearable, biohacking, and consciousness hacking. The episode focuses in detail on Silicon Valley tech magnate Bryan Johnson, who is using these phenomena in order to reverse his aging and crack the immortality code. By honing in on Johnson, we open a window into the slippery and subjective nature of wellness claims, and how they often become misinformation. We talk about the neoliberal quantification of the self, and how wellness overlaps with spirituality, creating problems for how to evaluate claims made online. And GOOP. There is GOOP. Lots of it.

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Funding for this series has been generously provided by the Henry Luce Foundation. 

Creator: Dr. Susannah Crockford

Executive Producer: Dr. Bradley Onishi (@bradleyonishi) 

Audio Engineer: Scott Okamoto (@rsokamoto)

Production Assistance: Kari Onishi 

Dr. Susannah Crockford (@suscrockford): Ripples of the Universe: Spirituality in Sedona, Arizona

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