Episode 6: Green Urbanism is From the Devil

Is the government trying to trap you in your apartment? Are efforts to reduce traffic in highly congested cities like Toronto and London really a plan to control your entire life? 

15 minute cities sound convenient, but why do some people think they are a trap?  15 minute cities have been described online as the new climate lockdown, and protests against traffic calming measures have grown. Reactionary groups have taken up a seemingly benign urban planning initiative and claim it is an infringement of civil liberties. Des Fitzgerald from University College, Cork talks about green urbanism and 15 minute cities, and then explains the online claims about environment and urban planning, and how genuine complaints with government policy have been conflated with fears of future lockdowns.

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Creator: Dr. Susannah Crockford

Executive Producer: Dr. Bradley Onishi (@bradleyonishi) 

Audio Engineer: Scott Okamoto (@rsokamoto)

Production Assistance: Kari Onishi 

Dr. Susannah Crockford (@suscrockford): Ripples of the Universe: Spirituality in Sedona, Arizona

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