Weekly Roundup: Easter/Trans Visibility Day + Abortion is a Religious Right

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In the first segment, Dan and Brad discuss the growing call to overturn the 22nd Amendment in order for Trump to be president for more than two terms. They analyze why this is a step on the way to authoritarianism and one more sign of teetering democracy in the USA.

In the second segment, the hosts turn to the outcry of Trans Visibility Day and Easter falling on the same day. Dan outlines how Christian natinoalists frame this as a faith vs. trans lives debate, while Brad turns to the rich history of Christian queer theology to explain that many Christians from the past thought of Christ himself as queer – and even trans.

In the final segment, the hosts discuss the recent ruling in Indiana that allows for abortions in cases related to religious freedom. In essence, the winning argument is that abortion is a religious right because of its practice in many traditions.

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