Weekly Roundup: Trump’s Abortion Strategy Emerges and the NAR Converts Gen Z

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We kick things off with a humorous reflection on Dan’s eclipse-chasing escapade in Vermont, drawing parallels to the comical misanthropy of Larry David. We then segue into a critical discussion on Donald Trump’s latest strategic remarks on abortion and the perplexing enforcement of a Civil War-era law in Arizona, contemplating the broader ramifications these developments hold for political dynamics and individual rights.

We then spotlight a movement to convert Gen Z in through anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and a focus on spiritual warfare. Called, “California Will Be Saved,” it represents the powerful undercurrents of Christian nationalism sweeping through movements in California, and the assertive presence of spiritual warfare in Southern California’s public spaces. The conversation spotlights the diverse leaders who are redefining conservative Christianity and the challenges they present, from their confrontational worship rallies to the influential Seven Mountains Mandate. We hover on the complexity of this movement’s multiethnic and multiracial fabric, and its unsettling reach into the lives of Gen Z and the LGBTQ community.

To cap off thE episode, we analyze the amicus brief on presidential immunity written by American historians and submitted in Trump immunity case at SCOTUS.

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