Weekly Roundup: This is Not Not a Racist Country

Brad and Dan discuss how racism and patriarchy stem from a desire for power and control. They relate this to comments by Rick Santorum on Native American culture, American culture, and the history of the nation. They also apply it to statements from Lyndsey Graham, who said we can’t be a racist nation because we elected Obama, and Tim Scott who gave the response to Pres. Biden’s address a few days ago.

They discuss patriarchy in relation to the revival of Promise Keepers as a way hetero-patriarchal movement designed to combat the recognition of LGBTQ+ individuals and communities in this country. This leads to a discussion of Josh Duggar, who was arrested on child pornography charges this week and Rep. Matt Gaetz, who is alleged to have paid underage girls for sex.

This episode finishes with a round of Falwell’s Follies.

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