Weekly Roundup: One God, One Country, One Leader – On Leaving the Realm of Democracy

Brad and Dan discuss the censuring of Rep. Paul Gosar for his tweet depicting him as an anime character killing Rep AOC. This leads to a bold, but evidence-based thesis: There is no good Republican party. If it ever existed in the first place, it is now gone. What has taken its place is a party founded on Trumpism, grievance, and fascist tendencies.

After providing evidence for this thesis, Brad and Dan ask two questions:

What happens in parties and states where contradicting the leader is the only reason a member is punished?

What happens when such parties/states give their authority a religious cloak?

The episode finishes with a discussion of the recent instance of Kansas City residents donning yellow stars in order to compare their situations as unvaccinated people to the Jews in Nazi Germany.

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