Weekly Roundup: Masculine Grooming for God and Country

Brad is joined by special guest co-host Dr. Sara Moslener. They begin by discussing the hilarious trailer for Tucker Carlson’s new original show, “The End of Men,” which among other things touts the practice of tanning one’s testicles in order to increase testosterone levels. After some jokes about the merits of red and blue balls, they breakdown the model of masculinity Carlson is upholding as ideal and how it connects to patriarchal visions of God and country.

“If God is male, male is God.” – Mary Daly

Brad’s article on God as Ultimate Masculinity: https://therevealer.org/god-is-ultimate-masculinity-evangelical-visions-of-manhood-in-the-wake-of-the-atlanta-massacre/

In the second segment Brad and Sara discuss the remarkable Right’s new buzz word: Grooming. In their view anyone who doesn’t oppose CRT and wants children to learn basic facts about history (including slavery and racism) and human health (including comprehensive sex ed) is a groomer who supports pedophilia. Sara traces this all the way back to the 19th century to proslavery theologies. Brad links it to similar rhetoric from the 1960s and 1970s when schools were integrated.

Sophie-Bjork James on the history of the Right’s grooming rhetoric: https://religiondispatches.org/the-rights-grooming-rhetoric-didnt-begin-with-qanon-you-have-to-go-back-a-bit-further-to-get-to-the-source/

The final segment examines the fact that all three Republican candidates for attorney general in Michigan are willing to make birth control illegal for any unmarried person. You heard that right.

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