Weekly Roundup: MAGA Conservatives vs “Non American Americans”

Brad and Dan begin by discussing the Senate Judiciary Committee’s findings on how Trump sought to overturn the election by pressuring the DOJ. Dan relates these revelations to the concepts of populism and nationalism, showing how Trump used tactics used by populist leaders who take control of every aspect of government in order to take complete control of a nation.

They then turn their attention to a brand new interview with the president of the Claremont Institute, the MAGA think-tank that helped produce the lawyer who outlined Trump’s plan to decertify the electoral college votes. Brad and Dan discuss the view expressed in the interview (and an additional essay) that half of Americans aren’t real Americans, the Founders framed the Constitution to work for an exclusively Christian nation, and that a civil war is on the horizon.

They finish the episode by discussing how the Texas abortion bill may be the catalyst that finally turns the Lone Star state blue over the next decade.

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