Weekly Roundup: J6 Pence None the Wiser

Brad and Dan begin this episode with a prolonged discussion of the newly released audio of Kevin McCarthy calling for Trump’s resignation and the revelations in the 2000+ texts of Mark Meadows revealed this week. Brad argues that in the McCarthy tapes you can see an alternative pathway for the country–one where the GOP and its media entourage called out the traitorousness of Trump and his team before, during, and after J6. But instead, the Meadows texts show, we got conspiracy theories, the Big Lie, and are now on the precipice of an authoritarian takeover in the next cycle of elections.

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The second segment is a mythbuster–Dan uses the various events in Florida (from book banning to the war on Disney to the war on trans people to the war on CRT) to uncover the real nature of contemporary American conservativism. It uses government as a weapon for identity politics, culture wars, and censorship.

This leads to a brief analysis of the debate about forgiving student loans.

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