Weekly Roundup: Israel, Palestine, and the US

Brad begins by laying out the current state of conflict in Israel-Palestine: the ceasefire is over; Israel is threatening to displace millions in southern Gaza; 15,000 Palestinians have died; Netanyahu is talking about ending the Palestinian territory . . .

Dan then provides three ways that we are duped into thinking and talking about the conflict in reductive and binary frameworks – from zero sum arguments, to either/or thinking, to blame roulette.

Brad provides examples of each of these – the resolution in the House that equates anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism; comments from the Biden administration on why it won’t call for a ceasefire or put conditions on US aid to Israel; comments from college presidents about hate speech.

In the final segment, Brad examines how Biden’s handling of the issue has led to calls to abandon him in 2024 from Muslim Americans. He also looks at data showing young people are losing enthusiasm for voting because of this issue.

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