Weekly Roundup: Is this Freedom?

Brad is joined by guest co-host Dr. Leah Payne. They begin by discussing how many White Americans – especially White Christian nationalists – view the national body as straight, White, patriarchal, and American-born. This framework helps guide a discussion on the drastically different reactions law enforcement took in the cases of Jayland Walker, who was shot by police 60 times in Akron, Ohio, and the Highland Park shooter who was apprehended without violence after he allegedly killed 7 people at July 4 parade.

This leads to a discussion of Tucker Carlson’s explanation for the Highland Park shooting: women lecturing men, government-backed weed, and medication. It is a case of refusing to look at the monster in the mirror–and doing anything possible to take the attention away from guns.

The episode finishes with analysis of the AZ rep who said she would kill her own grandchildren in order to protect them and how this ties into discussions of reproductive rights.

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