Weekly Roundup + Festivus (Brad’s Version): Slavery, Stolen Elections, Civil War, In n Out, and Cauliflower “Rice”

Brad begins by discussing the news that Trump is off the ballot in Maine and what that means in the wake of the Colorado decisions. He breaks down why the complexity and tumult of these decisions does not warrant objection to them and why they are necessary in order to safeguard democracy.

In the second segment he decodes Nikki Haley’s weak answer on the causes of the Civil War (and her follow up remarks), showing how she winked at Neo-Confederates and others in her answer. He references a fight over a Confederate monument in Arglington Cemetery as proof that these debates rage on in 2023.

He finally addresses an incident in Massachussets where a police office visited a classroom searching for a book that a parent complained about.

In the final moments, he airs his grievances from 2023: Mike Johnson, In n Out, Cauliflower “rice.”

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