Weekly Roundup: Falwell’s Fall and America’s Backlash

Brad and Dan begin this episode with a discussion of the new profile of Jerry Falwell Jr. at Vanity Fair. In their view, Falwell is a type for contemporary Christian nationalism. He describes himself as not particularly religious while subscribing to a vision of the United States wherein White Christian men hold power. He was formed politically by Rush Limbaugh. He lavished praise on Donald Trump. For Dan, it’s a perfect example of how Christian nationalism is a religious-political-cultural identity that often time has little to do with persona religious practice.

They then segue into analysis of a new piece by sociologist Ruth Braunstein that investigates the backlash against the Religious Right and White Evangelicals. Braunstein examines the rise of the Nones–those unaffiliated with religion–but also looks at how the Religious Left and the “spiritual but not religious” also represent a backlash to conservative American Protestants.

In the final segment Brad goes through the history of SCOTUS picks based on identity. Dan argues that identity politics are always at play and that there are no objectively best candidates for SCOTUS.

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