Weekly Roundup: 10 Commandments in Classrooms, Another Megachurch Sex Abuse Scandal, and the Trump Revenge Train

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Brad Onishi and Dan Miller delve into several critical issues in this week’s Straight White American Jesus Weekly Roundup. They start with a vigorous discussion on the constitutionality of Louisiana’s new law mandating the Ten Commandments in classrooms, highlighting the religious and historical contradictions in the proponents’ arguments. They move on to address the disturbing allegations against Robert Morris, former pastor of Gateway Church, scrutinizing the broader systemic issues within Christian evangelical circles. Finally, they examine recent incendiary comments by Steve Bannon and Roger Stone, exposing plans for revenge and grievance should Trump secure a second term. The episode concludes by reflecting on the broader implications of these events on the American socio-political landscape.

On the SBC with Robert Downen: https://www.straightwhiteamericanjesus.com/episodes/special-episode-the-southern-baptist-conventions-apocalypse-with-robert-downen/

00:00 Founding Fathers and Secularism

00:39 The Debate on ‘In God We Trust’

01:00 Introduction to House Bill 71

01:40 Historical vs. Moral Significance of the Ten Commandments

01:50 Christian Nationalism and Legal Contradictions

02:31 Robert Morris Scandal

02:47 Steve Bannon and Roger Stone’s Vision for a Second Trump Term

03:00 Introduction and Casual Banter

04:25 Louisiana’s Ten Commandments Law

06:34 Legal and Theological Implications

11:05 Evangelical Perspectives on the Ten Commandments

23:46 Symbolism and Authority of the Ten Commandments

26:56 Historical Injustices in Plain View

27:30 Robert Morris and Gateway Church Scandal

31:48 The Rot of Patriarchy in Religious Culture

35:36 Political Hypocrisy and Abuse in Evangelical Circles

45:47 Roger Stone’s Chilling Election Strategy

48:17 Steve Bannon’s Call for Retribution

53:38 Reasons for Hope Amidst Political Turmoil

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