We Are Living in the Klan’s America Part I + Bonus Content

Brad speaks with Dr. Kelly J. Baker, author of Gospel of the Klan. In the first segment, Brad outlines how TPUSA is akin to the 1920s Klan. Then he speaks with Dr. Baker, who outlines how the Klan was seen as a patriotic Christian organization that put God and country first. Sound familiar? In its time, the Klan was not considered a beyond the pale White supremacist group. It was part of mainstream society. Part of churches. Part of the American way of life. And, as they discuss, we are repeating what happened in the 1920s in the 2020s

In the bonus content, Brad shares a recording of his lecture in Minneapolis where he answered questions about Trump’s Mein Kamp references, Moms for Liberty, and how to speak to relatives who have gone down the MAGA rabbit hole.

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