The Religious Revival Tour That May Swing 2024 w/ Anne Nelson

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Brad interviews Anne Nelson, author of the Shadow Network, about the modern intersection of religious movements and political campaigns in the U.S. They discuss the ‘Courage Tour,’ led by Lance Wallnau and Charlie Kirk, which aims to mobilize votes for Donald Trump through religious fervor and political organizing. The conversation traces the historical roots of such campaigns back to Jerry Falwell’s I Love America rallies in the 1970s and explores the sophisticated strategies and technologies now employed. Anne also highlights the role of the Council for National Policy and the targeting of swing states and diverse demographics to influence the 2024 election.

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00:00 The Rise of Jerry Falwell and the Religious Right

00:51 The Courage Tour: A Modern Political-Religious Movement

01:19 Interview with Anne Nelson: Insights on the Courage Tour

02:51 The Mechanics of the Courage Tour

08:09 The Role of Pentecostalism and Political Strategy

13:15 Council for National Policy: Historical Context and Influence

21:14 Targeting New Demographics: Black Voters and Suburban Women

26:14 Digital Campaign Tools and the As One App

28:38 Conclusion and Reflections

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