The Real and Present Danger of Male Supremacist Terrorism

Alex DiBranco is Executive Director and Founder at Institute for Research on Male Supremacism. Alex stops by to discuss “Male Supremacist Terrorism as a Rising Threat”. According to Dibranco, male supremacism is a right-wing extremist ideology that has contributed to terrorist attacks, primarily in the US, but also in Canada and Europe. Within male supremacist communities, the motivation for terrorist attacks stem predominantly from two core misogynist beliefs: 1) the belief that men are entitled to sexual access to women, and 2) the belief that feminists are a malevolent force controlling society at the expense of men, a frame similar to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories regarding Jewish elites controlling the world.

Alex and Brad discuss how secular and religious male supremacisms are cut from the same cloth, the dynamics of superiority and humiliation in male supremacist terrorism, and the rise of the Proud Boys.

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