The Inflection Election: Democracy or Fascism in 2024 – w/ Mark Green

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Brad discusses with author Mark Green about his new book, ‘The Inflection Election: Democracy or Fascism in 2024’. They explore the critical choice facing the U.S. in the upcoming election, with paths leading either towards continued democratic freedom or increased authoritarianism under Donald Trump’s influence. The conversation highlights Representative Jamie Raskin’s forward in Green’s book, emphasizing the stark differences between defending democratic principles and the potential rise of a fascist regime. They also touch on issues of violence and corruption within the political landscape, the role of Trump’s rhetoric, and the impact of fascist ideologies in certain American communities.

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00:00 Introduction: The Crossroads of Democracy

00:58 Guest Introduction: Mark Green

03:24 Historical Context: Inflection Elections

04:09 Trump’s Authoritarian Threat

06:53 Hypothetical Future Under Trump

16:56 Violence and Corruption in Politics

30:41 Hope and Action: The Path Forward

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