The Case Against Christian Nationalism

Brad links last’s week’s episode on Christianity as the original American purity culture to the argument made in a new book by Stephen Wolfe – “The Case for Christian Nationalism.” In the book and in his public comments, Wolfe makes an argument like this:

  1. God created humans on earth
  2. Those humans were always going to gather in separate communities
  3. Christianity therefore assumes nations
  4. Christians should institutionalize Christianity in order to rightly order the public sphere
  5. You should love those who are like you more than others
  6. Nations should defend their people’s identity and freedom from others

In Brad’s mind, this is a stone’s throw from ethno-nationalism – and it creates an impulse to see those who are not White, Christian, straight, patriarchal, and native-born as less than – as deserving less love – and as potentially the threats against which real Americans would defend themselves in the name of God and country. Despite the high theological language, it’s White ethno-nationalism – at a time when Kanye West and Donald Tr*mp are making anti-Semitic remarks.

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