Surprise Episode: Fargo Season 5: Christian Nationalism, Patriarchy, and Pancakes

Surprise! Brad sat down with Rev. Angela Denker to discuss Fargo Season 5, a series rife with Christian nationalism and related themes: violence, patriarchy, and right-wing authoritarianism. It’s also a series full of love, forgiveness, and the hope of going home.

Angela Denker is a Lutheran pastor and veteran journalist. She has written for many publications, including Sports Illustrated, The Washington Post, and FORTUNE magazine. Denker has appeared on CNN, BBC and SkyNews to share her research on politics and Christian Nationalism in the U.S. Her book, “Red State Christians: A Journey Into Christian Nationalism and the Wreckage It Leaves Behind,” was the 2019 Silver Foreword Indies award-winner for political and social sciences.

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