Special Episode: Series Release of ONE NATION, ALL BELIEFS

Today we are launching a new limited series called One Nation, All Beliefs. produced in partnership with Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. This is the series intro.

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Produced by Brad Onishi, with help from Emma Hulbert and Isaiah Perkins, at Straight White American Jesus in partnership with Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the series highlights the voices of reproductive rights organizers, education activists, queer Black clergy, trans pastors, and progressive politicos in order to show the ways a strong separation of church and state is the shield that protects everyone’s right to live as themselves and believe as they choose — ensuring freedom without favor and equality without exception.

LGBTQ+ rights, reproductive rights, protecting public schools, and freedom from religion – as well as freedom of religion – they all depend on a wall between church and state.

Because we want an America where:

  • religion does not dictate public policy;
  • the government does not tell Americans what to believe or how to practice their faith;
  • discrimination is not justified under the guise of religion.

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