Mormon MAGA Nation

Dr. Benjamin E. Park is a historian who has become a national voice on issues related to religion and politics, particularly as they relate to the Church of Latter Day Saints. His work has appeared at the Washington Post, NewsweekHouston ChronicleReligion & PoliticsTalking Points MemoReligion DispatchesDallas Morning NewsSalt Lake TribuneReligion News Service, and Patheos. 

He speaks to Brad about the hidden histories of Christian nationalism and triumphalism in the LDS Church and how they are manifest in the politics of current Utah senator Mike Lee. This history is contrasted to the more moderate wing of Mormon politics as represented by Mitt Romney–the other senator from Utah–and his dad, George, before him.

Using Lee and Romney as a means to understanding LDS politics illuminates how and why so many members of the LDS church have become part of MAGA Nation.

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