Inside the National Conservatism Movement to Reshape the Right with Ben Lorber

On this episode of Inform Your Resistance, host Koki Mendis and guest PRA Senior Research Analyst Ben Lorber pull back the curtain on the National Conservatism Conference 2022 (NatCon 3), a gathering of far-right politicians, intellectuals, and influencers in Miami, FL. Listen in as Ben gives us an on-the-ground view of the convention. With his focus on White nationalism and antisemitism, Ben provides a unique perspective on the rhetoric, atmosphere, and anti-elite sentiment that permeated the conference. 

Zooming out, Ben and Koki explore the rise of White Christian nationalism within the conservative movement and its potential impact on the American political landscape. They unpack the agenda of figures in the National Conservatism movement: an obsession with culture war and moral order as a way to promote their vision for a Christian society–including the promotion of anti-abortion policies, bans on gay marriage, banning so called critical race theory in schools, and the enforcement of cis-heteropatriarchal gender roles. Finally, Ben and Koki analyze the transformation of the GOP into a movement that borrows from the economic populism of the Left, at least rhetorically, in an attempt to create a new right-wing nationalist consensus. 

This is a must-listen episode for anyone wanting to understand the current state of the conservative movement–and its threats to democracy.



(0:00:25) – Threats to Democracy (13 Minutes)

Hosted by the National Conservatism Institute, a project of the Edmund Burke Foundation, NatCon 3 was a convening of many of the right-leading politicians, intellectuals, editors and analysts who consider themselves post-liberal. We examine the keynote speakers, the rhetoric of the conference and the anti-elite sentiment amongst the attendees. Ben Lorber, PRA Senior Research Analyst, who attended the conference, analyzes the dynamics of White nationalism and antisemitism at the convention.

(0:13:55) – Christian Nationalism and the Conservative Movement (15 Minutes)

Koki and Ben dissect the how the right’s leading politicians and intellectuals of the National Conservatism movement  are working to promote abortion bans, gay marriage bans, and the teaching of the Bible in public schools. They also discuss Ron DeSantis’ keynote address, which focused on anti-wokeness and an emphasis on states as the battleground for the conservative agenda. Ben then unpacks how Christian nationalism is behind state-enforced repression of LGBTQ rights and the enforcement of cis-heteropatriarchal gender roles. Lastly, Ben considers the presence of Orthodox Jews at NatCon3 and how their views may influence the Right’s agenda.

(0:29:00) – Far-Right Movement and Conservative Agenda (12 Minutes)

Koki and Ben explore the current state of the conservative movement in the United States and its effect on the political landscape. They analyze the attraction of economic nationalism and the necessity to revive American industry, and why the right-leading politicians and intellectuals at NatCon3 are so close to the mainstream. Finally, we discuss the enthusiasm of the room and how being in a right-wing space can influence feelings of contentment and security.


National Conservatism Conference, NatCon 3, Right Wing, White Nationalism, Antisemitism, Christian Nationalism, Christian Right, Conservative Movement, Politicians, Intellectuals, LGBTQ Rights, Gender Roles, Orthodox Jews, GOP, Republicans.

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