Forty years of Antifascism with Daryle Lamont Jenkins

What does it look like, on the ground, to fight the Far Right showing up in our communities? What is the day-to-day work of antifascists in this work for the long-haul? Daryle Lamont Jenkins is well poised to answer this question. He is the founder and executive director of One People’s Project (OPP), a New Jersey-based anti-hate organization that researches, monitors, and reports on right-wing groups and individuals that seek to polarize communities.

In this interview host Koki Mendis and Daryle discuss the change in how the Far Right has shown up both historically and today, the importance of pushback, and the work of One People’s Project in documenting and exposing far-right movements. Daryle emphasizes the need for accurate research, community engagement, and maintaining credibility in the fight against the far-right. He also highlights the power of public pressure and holding individuals accountable for their actions.



Antifascism, Antifa, One People’s Project, Proud Boys, Fight the Right, Fascism, White Supremacy, Anti-Fascist Organizing, January 6th, Movement, White Lives Matter, Activism, Police, Multi-Racial

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