Ep. 6: Worlds at War

Before H.G. Wells penned War Of The Worlds, the alien invasion genre as we know it didn’t exist. And perhaps more than any text in this series, his landmark science fiction novel focused readers deliberately on the monster in the mirror: the British Empire’s civilizing, Christianizing mission, refracted through his technologically enhanced Martian colonizers. But 120 years later,

War of the Worlds

and its central premise have been coopted by the forces of nationalism, and Christian nationalism in particular. Today we’re going to talk about how

War of the Worlds

captures the tension between two visions of the future amidst escalating crises today: a world that moves beyond the hallowing of blood and soil, and a world that

violently, defiantly, embraces it. 

With Dr. Sarah Cole of Columbia University

Written, produced, and narrated by Lucas Kwong 

Voice acting: Christian Young-Valdovinos, Lucas Kwong

Special Thanks to Pixabay’s audio artists for public domain FX clips

Clips from various films and news used under fair use laws

Theme song “Lair” by The Brother K Melee (brotherk.bandcamp.com)

Closing song “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” by The Brother K Melee

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