Ep. 4: Meet the Beetle!

Christian nationalism is a kind of con game. And of all the authors examined in this podcast, the one most likely to appreciate that con would be Richard Marsh, author of the 1897 horror novel The Beetle. A one time con artist himself, Marsh treats the gender fluidity of his shapeshifting monster as a con game, a scam that defrauds God himself. Today, we’re going to talk about how The Beetle‘s view of transgenderism illuminates the complex of hate, fear, and fascination with which Christian nationalists tell some of their most vicious lies: the ones about LGBT+ people.

Written, narrated, and produced by Lucas Kwong

Theme song “Lair” by The Brother K Melee (http://www.brotherkmusic.com)

Closing song “Expire/Exhale” by Lucas Kwong

Voice actors: Christian Young-Valdovinos, Naomi Kwong

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