Decoding Christo-Authoritarianism, Ideology, and Propaganda w/ Dr. Scott Coley

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Brad Onishi converses with Dr. Scott Coley, author of ‘Ministers of Propaganda: Truth, Power, and the Ideology of the Religious Right.’ Coley discusses the concepts of ideology, propaganda, and legitimizing narratives within conservative evangelical communities. They explore how these elements create and maintain social hierarchies, such as those based on race and gender, and the role of ‘Christo authoritarianism.’ Coley emphasizes how religious resources are used to justify and perpetuate these hierarchies. The episode also addresses how questioning or resisting these beliefs is often suppressed within these communities.

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00:00 Introduction to Civil Rights Movement and Passive Resistance

00:51 Critique of Civil Rights Movement’s Approach

01:43 Introducing Dr. Scott Coley and His Book

03:53 Understanding Ideology and Propaganda

07:48 Legitimizing Narratives and Social Hierarchies

17:26 Christo Authoritarianism and the Hermeneutics of Legitimization

25:03 Explicit and Implicit White Supremacy in Evangelicalism

35:08 Gender Hierarchies and Patriarchy in Evangelicalism

39:06 Conclusion and Premium Content Information

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