Charismatic Revival Fury, Ep 1: January 6th and the New Apostolic Reformation

This is the first episode in our new series – Charismatic Revival Fury: The New Apostolic Reformation, written and created by Dr. Matthew Taylor.

In this episode, Matthew traces the beginning of the NAR to C. Peter Wagner, a former missionary and seminary professor who spent the last part of his life cultivating what he believed to be a new apostolic age in the life of the church. Wagner wanted to go beyond denominations to a new Reformation – one in which modern day apostles and prophets used their spiritual gifts to guide their congregations. Wagner developed a network of charismatic young leaders who he believed would lead the church into its next era. And twenty years later, these apostles and prophets did just that – by forming the background of Christian Trumpism and leading the charge on J6.

The views expressed by Matthew D. Taylor are his own and do not represent the Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies.

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