Weekly Roundup: Kissinger? I Hardly Bombed Her

Brad and Dan begin by gauging the right-wing reactions to the death of Henry Kissinger. They then compare these, and the hallmarks of Kissinger’s life, to those of Rosalynn Carter, who was buried this week in Plains, Ga. In the second segment, Dan unpacks a knot of issues related to no-fault divorce, abortion, and the […]

It’s In the Code Ep. 76: “Why Can’t We Just Fix Conservative Christianity?

“Why be so hard on conservative Christianity, to the point of dismissing it entirely? Why not fix it?” This is a real question we receive, and it’s a fair question. Can conservative Christianity be “fixed”? Or are the problems with it too deep for that? In this episode, Dan answers these questions, arguing that because […]

Congressperson Jared Huffman on the Threat of Christian Nationalism (Re-release)

Brad is joined by Congressperson Jared Huffman, who represents California’s 2nd District. Rep. Huffman is the only member of the House who is not affiliated with a religious tradition. He started the Freethought Caucus in 2018 to highlight the concerns and needs of Americans who are humanists, freethinkers, agnostics, and otherwise invested in freethinking in […]

It’s In the Code Ep. 75: “Give Thanks”

This week Dan talks about the popular praise and worship song, “Give Thanks With a Grateful Heart.” What is the message of this song? Written as a song of solace and hope, how does it also express an attitude that denies the reality of the things about this world and our places in it that […]

Weekly Roundup: The City Banning Gay People and Trump’s Vermin Comments

Brad begins by discussing the history of Murfreesboro, TN, where a city ordinance banned homosexuality in public. As Brad recounts, this isn’t the first time the city has been in the news. A decade ago, citizens tried to prevent the construction of a mosque on the grounds that Islam isn’t a religion. Brad draws on […]

It’s In the Code Ep. 74: “Be Grateful”

We’ve all had the experience of sitting around a Thanksgiving table sharing what we’re grateful or thankful for. But why do some people seem to demand that we feel grateful? Why do they demand that we express gratitude? And what role to these demands play in high-control religious contexts? What is harbored within these demands […]

The Women Who Melted the Lee Statue

The massive bronze sculpture of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, in uniform, astride his horse Traveller, stood in a downtown Charlottesville park for nearly a century. It was at the center of a deadly white nationalist rally in 2017, when Neo-Nazis and white supremacists tried to stop the city’s plans to remove the statue. It came down to […]

Weekly Roundup: Covenant Eyes Johnson

Brad and Dan begin by discussing the porn-accountability app that Speaker Mike Johnson uses with his son. They explain how apps like these are a feature in evangelical circles and how they are a part of the purity culture landscape. Dan then zooms out to explain why he doesn’t buy the idea that contemporary Christian […]

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