Bonus Ep. 5: That Time Brad Ugly Cried for Obama

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In this month’s bonus episode, Brad and Dan discuss the impact of June’s personal happenings and analyze Pew data on religion, gender, and politics. The hosts examine trends in young men veering right, potential influences of Russ Vought in a Trump administration, and the implications of Project 2025. They examine a narrative on societal shifts in LGBTQ acceptance during the 2010s and the contemporary backlash against gender norms, connected through new Pew research. The episode also features reflections on the moral grounding of non-religious Americans and the enduring presence of Christian nationalist beliefs among Biden voters. Finally, Brad teases a humorous story about Election Day 2008.

00:00 Welcome and Introduction

00:23 Family Matters and Episode Overview

01:02 Pew Data on Religion, Gender, and Masculinity

02:23 Teaching Anecdote and Changing Social Norms

05:07 Discussion on Morality and Social Influence

08:59 Pew Data on Gender Issues Among Young Men

11:09 Humorous Interlude: Home Alone and Aging

13:54 Back to Pew Data: Gender Norms and Voting Patterns

31:12 Religion’s Role in Public Life

34:46 Conclusion and Subscriber Information

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