Ahead in 2024? Abortion, Violence, and the Global Far-Right + Bonus Content

In the first part of this episode, Brad talks with journalist Annika Brockschmidt about what under reported or under the radar things she is watching in 2024. Annika walks through a number of court cases on reproductive rights and what they will mean for access to the abortion pill. She also analyzes the violent rhetoric Trump and MAGA Nation have been employing over the last month through the lens of the history of fascism. Finally, she details how the far-right is organizing around the world – even in her home country of Germany where secret meetings and handshake deals are setting off alarms about fascist impulses in the German public square.

In the bonus content for subscribers, Brad spends 30 minutes dissecting Josh Hawley’s Christian nationalist manifesto – explaining why the senator’s argument and conclusions are un-American and fearfully puny.

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